Tournament Format

The Macau Special Olympics Golf Masters is designed as a major tournament that includes Level 1, 2 and 5 competitions supporting the effort in integrating and achieving full acceptance for mentally handicaped in the modern society.

Level 1 – Individual Skills Competition

This level is designed for entry-level athletes or those with less ability to test six core competency skills: short putt, long putt, chip shot, pitch shot, iron shot and wood shot. In our tournament, we will use this Level 1 competition as a practice to give the teams the opportunity to get familiar and comfortable with the environment and venue. It will also give us the opportunity to present this event and the Special Olympics sport to the media, while the athletes can interact with supporters, volunteers, organizers, media and sponsors...

Level 2 – Alternate Shot Team Play (9 holes)

This level is designed to give the Special Olympics golfer an opportunity for transition from individual skills to individual play and to progress under the guidance of a partner whose ability and knowledge of golf is more advanced than that of the Special Olympics athlete.
In our tournament an invited Special Olympics team (four athletes) will be divided into two flights of two athletes while being accompanied by one Guardian player. A flight will be accompanied by one Special Olympics coach and one caddy assisting in a 9-hole round each day.

Level 5 – Individual Stroke Play Competition (18 holes)

This level is designed to meet the needs of those Special Olympics golfers who wish to play individually in a tournament where the stipulated round is 18 holes.
In our tournament, up to 18 Level 5 athletes will be playing a 18-hole tournament format round of golf together with 18 specially invited local and regional corporate and private entities with minimum Handicap of 18. The teams will be assisted by a caddie and a coach in a two-round tournament at Caesars Golf Macau.


'Level I’

is designed to get familiar with provided equipment, warming up and to present the sport to the event relatives such as sponsors, partners and media. Standard tasks of the Special Olympics Level I – Individual Skills Competition will be featured on the venue facilities.

‘Level II’

is designed to get familiar with the course conditions and layout as well as to support the athletes to find to their comfortable game pace. This competition follows the official Level III – Individual Stroke Play Competitions (9 holes). Coaches and escorts walk together with the two teams (2 athletes each team) scoring the game according to the official Tournament Scoring System.

1st – 10 points, 2nd – 8 points, 3rd – 7points, 4th – 6 points, 5th – 5 points, 6th – 4 points, 7th – 3 points, 8th – 2 points

Side Event Competitions

Golf Clinic

Putting Clinic

A special 2-putt par course will be set up, with each athlete having the opportunity to fine tune his putting skills. Furthermore, the national coach will be assisted by the ‘Clinic – Director’ to further improve the athlete’s ability with a special practice tour.

Iron Shot Clinic

The Butch Harmon pros will analyse each Special Olympics Athlete and advise the national coach on their special needs to further improve each athlete’s skills.

Special Competition

This special competition is designed for the Special Olympics Athletes to interact with their Guardians directly while learning further from them. A three level competition on the driving range (closest to the flags) will be set up.